Monday, January 31, 2011

My first completely finished ornaments

I added the finishing touches this morning to two of my mostly finished ornaments.  Most of the work I did over Thanksgiving.  So all I needed to do was add the little bling at the bottom, trim off all the excess threads and they are done.

I think this will be my plan of attack -- finish the one that are mostly finished first and then go on to the totally unfinished ones.  Hmmmm ... sounds like a plan.

Thanks for looking!


Robin said...

Congratulations on the beautiful finishes! I love the little cat button that you used for the Autumn piece.

Diane said...

Love your finishes, Marcy! Congratulations! I'm with Robin, that cat button is great!

RuthB said...

Great bling and, imho, a great plan. Can't wait to see more of your finishes roll in!